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How Online Bookkeeping Services Works

Online Bookkeeping Solutions gives you the freedom to manage and store your books in the cloud, while also making your office paperless. With an online bookkeeping service, you can access your bookkeeping information securely – anytime, anywhere. Our online bookkeeping service makes QuickBooks or Intacct available in a secure online platform that is accessible by both our business and yours.

Your online bookkeeping service can be customized to your specific industry and business needs. Rather than offering a “one size fits all” online bookkeeping service, we actually tailor our online bookkeeping services to those that best suit your business. This maximizes the benefit you get from us, while minimizing the cost for you.

Overall, the online bookkeeping process is relatively simple and straightforward. Here’s how it works.

Evaluate Your Bookkeeping Process

We begin with a personal interview. This not only helps build strong working relationships, but also helps us learn more about the specifics of your company, your current bookkeeping process, the software already in place, and any other unique needs of your business. Once we know more about your business and current bookkeeping services, we will provide a customized quote for the online bookkeeping services we recommend to help maximize your business.

Set Up Your Online Bookkeeping Service

We understand that operational changes can be confusing at first, which is why we play an integral role in the set-up of your new online bookkeeping service.
We will:

  • Help you gather your financial data and files for transfer to our online QuickBooks or Intacct platform
  • Sync your desktop with our online system
  • Set up your user access and provide you with secure login and password information
  • Provide your business with a unique fax number and email address for inputting documents into our system
  • Work with you to ensure an approved workflow for streamlining the document and data sharing
  • Conduct a training session to ensure you know how to move forward using your online bookkeeping service

Manage Your Bookkeeping Online

Once your online bookkeeping service is set up, you simply fax, scan, or email your financial records (bills, receipts, statements, sales information, etc.) into our system, and we take it from there, managing your operations efficiently “behind the scenes.”

First, our experienced bookkeepers review your information to ensure it’s properly recorded and updated. Then, senior accountants review bookkeeping operations to ensure quality. As a final step, seasoned CPAs review your online bookkeeping and also address any unique or complex bookkeeping transactions.

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