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The Online Bookkeeping Solutions Blog is an timely collection of interesting and helpful information for those companies who want to outsource their bookkeeping solution and utilize bookkeeping services by subscription. Outsource your bookkeeping to a cloud based solution backed by experienced CPA's.

Salesforce for QuickBooks 2012

It’s hard work to maintain customer relationships, but it can become much easier with Salesforce for Quickbooks 2012. The capabilities of this new feature can drastically improve the way client relationships are developed, managed, and grown.

One of several new QuickBooks 2012 features, Salesforce for QuickBooks allows you to share financial data with your sales reps by providing them with up-to-date accounting information in the cloud for any customer they are working with. This streamlined flow of financial information means your sales reps have a more holistic picture of your customers, and can therefore provide better client service. And, better client service results in happier customers, which results in more business for you!

In addition to being able to view financial information, sales reps can also use Salesforce for Quickbooks to see any customer’s transaction history and patterns of behavior, allowing them to analyze what information is relevant to the customer. This empowers your sales reps to find more opportunities to offer up relevant services and products to your clients. By allowing sales reps to see the gaps within a client’s history, they are able to pitch better targeted solutions that result in your business closing more sales.

Salesforce for Quickbooks automatically creates a transaction in QuickBooks when a deal is closed in Salesforce. This benefit prevents users from having to enter data into two separate systems. This speeds order processing and reduces double data entry. This ultimately leads to increased efficiency and thus lower overhead costs for your business.

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3 QuickBooks Accounting Mobile Apps

Mobile apps are extremely popular today. Some are geared at pure entertainment, but many are geared at supporting simple task we do everyday. Intuit has developed several apps that do just that for Quickbooks. They work seamlessly with your QuickBooks accounting software to help facilitate financial transactions from a wide-range of touch points between you, your employees, your customers & vendors, and your financial institutions. Plus, each mobile feature offers the data security that the Intuit name is known for. Below is an overview of three of Intuit’s QuickBooks accounting apps.

ViewMyPaycheck for Mobile

ViewMyPaycheck for Mobile gives all of your employees instant access to their paystub information from their mobile phones. You no longer need to print paystubs for employees, saving you time and paper. You also don’t need to mail or email paystubs to your employees. Plus, this takes the burden off you, should your employee lose or ruin his/her physical paystub.

To sign in to ViewMyPaycheck for Mobile, an employee needs to open a web browser on his/her mobile phone, and go to, and sign in using the same user ID and password he/she would use to sign in to the ViewMyPaycheck web application on an actual computer.

ViewMyPaycheck for Mobile is available on any mobile device with a web browser.


With the GoPayment app, you can accept credit card payments on your mobile phone in just seconds. The app comes with a free credit card reader so you can swipe credit cards right on your mobile phone and get paid anytime, anywhere. Integrated with QuickBooks, this app eliminates the need to track and process credit card transactions, issue invoices, and make deposit runs to the bank. Payment information is encrypted securely, and not stored to your phone.

The app accepts Visa, Mastercard, Discover Card, and American Express. For more information and to view compatible devices, click HERE.

Quickbooks Mobile

The QuickBooks Mobile app gives you on-the-go access to all of your customer information and work history. You can manage both customers and sales from your mobile phone. The app lets you add, view, and edit customer information. It also allows you to create and view estimates, sales receipts, and invoices. Information added to QuickBooks Mobile is automatically synced with QuickBooks.

Currently, QuickBooks Mobile is available on iOS (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) and Android devices. It is not available to users of the recently released QuickBooks for Macs 2012.

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QuickBooks 2012 Calendar: A Better View

Earlier in this blog, I discussed the importance of using a financial dashboard to help manage your day and to get a clear picture of your business’s overall health. The new calendar feature on QuickBooks 2012 offers the benefits of a financial dashboard by providing you an overview of your day’s to-do’s, while giving you access to the status of your current financial data – all in one place.

The default view of the QuickBooks 2012 calendar, available in Pro, Premier and Enterprise, has three sections:

1) The actual calendar gives you access to an automated view of your day’s to-do’s, appointments, and invoice and billing deadlines. This provides you with stronger, faster insights to help propel your business forward.  You can access the calendar from the Icon bar or from the Company menu. You can change the calendar view to weekly, daily or monthly by clicking on the calendar view.

2) The Transaction Detail Pane, located below the calendar, provides a summary of all transactions entered on a specified date. Transactions for that date are listed by transaction type. You are also able to see the amount, number, due date, and other specific information associated with each transaction. You can select the date and filter the calendar to show specific types of transactions by choosing the Transaction Type from the Show drop down list.

3) The Past Due Pane, located on the right side of the calendar, shows your past due transactions as of today, plus your to-do’s for that day. You can use the QuickBooks 2012 Calendar to add To Do activities in QuickBooks using the Add to Do icon.

The benefits of the new calendar feature in Quickbooks 2012 are multiple. Not only will it help manage your schedule on both a daily and weekly basis, but also it will help you more clearly identify know any overdue payments you need to track down, as well as keep you up-to-date on all your business’s pending transactions. Hopefully the QuickBooks 2012 new calendar feature will help you save time, be more organized, and revert focus from accounting details to overall business growth decisions.

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