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The Online Bookkeeping Solutions Blog is an timely collection of interesting and helpful information for those companies who want to outsource their bookkeeping solution and utilize bookkeeping services by subscription. Outsource your bookkeeping to a cloud based solution backed by experienced CPA's.

How To Move Your Business To Cloud Computing

Cloud computing refers to the set of hardware, storage, networks, interfaces, and services that work together to provide aspects of computing as a service, wherever and whenever you need it.

Major technology businesses have laid a strong foundation for cloud computing, such as Microsoft and Google.

Microsoft Office Live Workspace

Microsoft Office Live Workspace works with Word, Excel, and PowerPoint, storing files on Microsoft’s servers. When you save a document to Microsoft Office Live Workspace, you can view it from any browser, share it with other people in your workspace and open, edit, and save it on your desktop with Microsoft Office applications.

Google Docs

Google offers a suite of online applications similar to Microsoft’s. If you prefer to work in Google Docs, simply download a tool and you will be able to work from your desktop files while experiencing the benefits of collaborative files backed up by Google servers, accessible from any browser.

Applying Cloud Computing To Your Business

Flexible and attractive to businesses, cloud computing can completely change the way companies use technology to service customers, partners, and vendors.

Migrating your financial operations to a cloud computing environment eliminates many of the constraints from the traditional computing environment, including space, time, power, and cost.

A few benefits of moving your financial data to cloud computing:

  • You can have as much or as little of a service as you want
  • The service is fully managed by the provider
  • Secure offsite data storage
  • Access to your data whenever you need it
  • Monthly billing so there is no up front cost and you can stop at any time

With the right tools and provider, you can have your company’s financial data in the cloud in no time.  How have you benefited from working in the cloud?


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Create the Best Team Possible

A team does not just happen; it is created. It takes a committed, forward-thinking manager to set up the right conditions for teamwork to flourish. With a good team in place, you will see your business achieve and surpass its vision and goals.

Many people end up spending more time with their coworkers than with their loved ones. It is therefore important for people on teams to feel a sense of belonging as well as a sense of engagement with their jobs. This increases workplace morale and leads to willing collaboration and sharing of ideas to develop new or better ways to get the job done.

To begin setting up a good team, develop a solid vision for the business. If the business doesn’t have a clear idea of where it is going and what it wants to achieve, then you can’t get people to look outside their own immediate task, see the bigger picture, and work towards achieving it.

It’s also important to act as a team leader, and not as a “boss.”  It’s a true challenge to run a group of people as a team, especially when it comes to interpersonal communication and conflict resolution. If need be, take some lessons to improve these skills.

One of the defining features of a real team is the quality of communication that takes place between people. You need to create communication channels that allow people to feel safe in speaking up and sharing ideas. Schedule regular team meetings and make sure to allow all people to talk and feel respected.

Also, schedule some formal teambuilding exercises. The type you choose should be suited to your team and what it does, but there’s a large range you can consider – from trust exercises to weekend retreats. Allow the team to get away from work and have fun with each other.

On that note, don’t forget to foster team celebrations. There are any number of things you could do from workplace drinks and snacks on Friday afternoon to group outings. Because remember, a happy team is a team that makes you happy with its results.


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